Spinning Wheels

Spinning Wheels,

ideas layer themselves

like minutes…..

A blog about Boys,

photo paper, SD cards,

so delicate….aren’t toys,

the urge rises again,

what can I buy that seals the hole,

the whole……the hole?

distraction is a rouse,

As is putting on make-up

and a grey silk blouse,

push harder,

patience delights

How do you do?

“Fuck patience.”


dust is supposed to fall in your eyes;

tunnel deeper

If I  were a mole

my whiskers speak in twitches;

caffeine, blinding daylight.

I should have tunneled the whole underneath of the lawn by now,

five times;

resist defeat,

despite the nag of your mind

“you’re devil spawn”

press, and press, and press,

you should allow it, feel it, smell it, want it…..

invite it in,

it’s name is success.

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