At moments life stands motionless
As if to pause, for us to catch up,
tempting us to make sense of it
To slow itself enough for us to take hold of it,
I don’t always want to tip it, inspect it,
understand it, or see it’s underside.
Sometimes I don’t feel like seeing it at all.
But I will allow the breeze to tickle my skin
And the rain to wash over me
So that I may wake to it’s beauty once again

Good Enough

I’m imperfect, impulsive often a wee bit too loud,
My mood swoops in and out like a scattered cloud,
But my resolve is light & airy, my presence as real and soft as silk,
Nurturing like the goat, not your first pick but still, I give milk.
I’m no one’s best friend, but I am a friend for a haul that is long
I’ll will anchor you when you’re adrift, in any wind, I will be strong

We are related……but you don’t know about me.

After the StorSecrets, how to keep them…how to hold them, how to look them in the eye when they have burst open and flutter before you like the down of the pillow escaping…….secrets, I can just taste one…. melting on my tongue and disappearing forever

Cats and Husbands


Kitty meows incessantly

“What do you want Lolli?”

She follows me around the house,

She wants to tell me something.

A mishmash, of perfectly molded

kitty pate’ awaits her, untouched,

The smell still on my fingers,

I let her out, she lulls about,

Her sad, desperate yellow eyes

Prominent, moody;

Like Elvis painted on black velvet,

She peers  through the door’s side glass,

All eyes against black fur,

I just watched her furry buns pad off,

Crooked black tail tickling cold air,

She’s at the door- wanting in

I know not what she begs of,

A little brown regurgitation

A mix of things she shouldn’t have eaten

Clues me in,

Reminds me of early marriage,

When my husband tried to tell me

What upset him,

But couldn’t find the words……..


New Years resolutions drizzled in Cliche’

1.  Do not put the horse before the cart and don’t worry if the horse is ugly or not

2. Always see the forest for the trees and take time to distinguish the smell of pine from cedar and spruce

3. You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but if you’re sitting around while picking either, you’re wasting valuable time!

4. Live simply that others may simply live…..and by LIVE, I mean, book it, record it, frame it, publish it, procure it and stop wondering when you’ll do it and do it already!

5. Some buy art and others by clothes and perhaps it’s time to get creative and make art in your closet where no one can find you?

6. When it rains it pours and it’s time to stop complaining about damp toes and get the proper footwear for the weather!

7.  You must be a friend to have a friend and with that, there is no time in this life to maintain friendships out of pity!

8.  If you cannot beat them join them, but if you repeatedly find it conflicts with your schedule perhaps you aren’t meant to join  them?

9. Real life is just as crazy as on T.V. and if you don’t find this to be true you are spending too much time at home with your nose in a book?

10.Silence is golden with the exception of the dismal tally sheet of how many times you’ve made love with your spouse this month?

Aging, it’s all how you tweak it

How do you tell the difference between a happy middle aged woman and one who feels used up and left for dead?

  1.  Her calendar has gone from cocktail outings to waxing appointments
  2. She wears an infinity scarf not just cause it will stay put-but to remind her of her longevity
  3. She is not afraid to announce her best friend second to her husband is her regular grocery checker who ties for second with her cat/dog
  4. She talks to her boobs
  5. She has phased out jewelry and phased in expensive undergarments
  6. She openly admits how many sex partners she has had
  7. She is proud to announce the rare occasion she used the recipe from the box
  8. She buys flowers for herself at least once a month completely devoid of any hidden messages to her husband
  9. She works out so she will feel good rather than look good
  10. She sees age-discrimination in the workplace as an opportunity; a second chapter, “how to turn your hobby into cash flow?”

Skin’s Truths

Hands outstretched…a little further, a little more,

My Touch means less and less,

As it’s unmet by more than air.

The speckled valley of age tarnishes perfection,

Dots my hands like brown islands

Each one an unspoken story;

Deep grooves mark my every laugh,

Fault lines of life’s quakes, sun peaks,

Winds of struggle,

If I hold very still, and want-

With all my might….want bad enough,

With every nerve ending and pore, neuron and muscle,

With the symmetry of the choirs last note,

Will you hear my truth?

Feel the wear on my jacket,

The shell, that is barely impervious to all elements?

The one that tells my every truth,

Even those my mouth keeps silent?

Why would I inject poison into me to fight truth?

To stop the truth, is to stop the wonder

That lingers

At the heels of questions