God or Freud?

In a lifetime there’s no telling what we are exposed to that wriggles in deep and impacts our psyche for better or worse. One of my first memories is seeing a woman speeding across the Penny’s parking lot and my sister’s blonde hair hurling itself- what seemed like six feet into the air, along with […]

Never One to Sip

My tongue Didn’t talk To my stomach, Which didn’t talk To my brain; Which didn’t whisper To my heart These wise reverberations: “I’ll just sip, Until my lips are rosy;” And a blossom of a  smile appears. I’ll just sip until there springs a trickle; As relaxed as a waltz; Gliding from tart to sweet, I’ll just […]


It’s like coffee at breakfast, or smiling at a child, it’s as perplexing as tears at a wedding. You mustn’t watch the clock to know when to go; or  doorknob, you can’t fixate on how empty it may seem once they’ve gone. you can’t beat goodbye to the punch, it won’t hurt less you let it hurt, so you know it’s real, […]